Sree Parameswara Vilasom Ayurveda Nursing Home is a traditional Ayurveda hospital managed by doctors of Panackal Family - a well known Vaidya family of Trivandrum. The glorious tradition of Panackal family begins with Vaidyan Sri. Panackal Parameswara Pilllai and is unquestionably flagship of Ayurveda health tradition of southern kerala which has been practicing for 120 years. Vaidyan Sri. Panackal R.P.Narayana Pillai started "Sree Parameswara Vilasom Ayurveda Nursing Home" at Chanthavila (Trivandrum) in memory of his uncle legendary Vaidyan Sri. Panackal Parameswaran Pillai which is being followed by our chief physicians Dr.N.Ramachandran son of Vaidyan Sri. Panackal R.P. Narayana Pillai (Managing Director, Sree Parameswara Vilasom Ayurveda Nursing Home) and Dr.D.Maidhili Ramachandran(Rtd. Govt. Chief Medical Officer) since 1984.

Our Unique Speciality


A therapeutic technique of manipulating the Manna points (Vital energy points) to normalize the deranged vital force. It is an effective rapid acting way of treatment Diseases affecting various body parts can be treated easily by stimulating the particular marma points. It is very effective in relieving pain and stiffness of muscles, various traumatic lesions, insomnia, stress, anxiety, fatigue and lack of energy. Done by well experienced doctors

Our Special Therapeautic Programmes

Marma Therapy Panchakarma Women’s Health (Gynaecological Care) Ano – rectal Care Spine Care Programme Stress & Insomnia Cure Programme Slimming Programme Agnikarma (Therapeutic Thermal Cauterization) Leech Therapy Beauty Care Sports Rehabilitation Post Chemo Rehabilitation

Our Packages:-

Detox – 7/14/21 Days detoxification(Panchakarma) Wellness package

Our body has natural detoxification pathways . Due to our current life style, these pathways are blocked and over burdened. This programme helps to boost energy levels, Supports digestion and weight management, reduce inflammation , promotes healthy skin, strengthen our immune system, improve our mood.

Laghuthva - 21 Days weight reduction Programme

This Programme is mainly aimed for weight reduction and to obtain a desirable body frame. As Obesity is the global epidemic in the current Era, the major reason for this disorder is an unhealthy lifestyle and food habit leading to the accumulation of ama or toxins in the body. Obesity is associated with life threatening systemic disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, joints pain, respiratory problems and a lot more, it is high time to intervene Obesity during the seeding phase. So here we can aim all the healthy individuals who are overweight without any systemic illness. The Most important treatment for Obesity is Udwarthanam( Body massage using natural herbal powders)followed by a medicated steam bath.These treatments are intended for detoxification also. This detoxification treatments along with Internal herbal medication, following our recommended slimming diet, a few few exercises, healthy lifestyle and proper diet, promotes effective weight loss.

Maanasa -7 Days Stress and Insomnia Cure Programme - 14 Days Stress and Insomnia Cure Programme

Stress Relaxation Programme intervene in early stage of stress, effectively combating anxiety, depression, and insomnia thus improving your mental health. Major benefits of this treatment are, improved memory and intelligence, strong sense organs and perfect health. We also provide counseling to the patients to overcome their Sadness, Confusions about future, fear, anxiety, aids people in restoring healthy mind, positive thinking and attitude.

Varnyam - 7 Days Beauty and Skin Care Programme

A relaxation and rejuvenation plan for the skin, using herbal oils and medicines, which nourishes and tones the skin, underlying structures and body tissues. Treatments provide release of day-to-day stress and calm the mind and relax the body. Also included are massages and treatments that encourage purgation and purification of the blood which is very important in maintaining a health skin.

Retasam - 21 Days Vajeekarana (Aphrodisiac) Programme

Punarjanma - 21 Days Rasayana (Rejuvenation) Programme

The balance between body and mind is very much essential for maintenance of Health. . Rasayana chikitsa in Ayurveda aims to arrest the degeneration of body cells and boost - tone the immune system for a healthier life. It retains the body muscle mass and prevents weakness enhancing your ability to perform day to day activities.

Pre Menopause

7 Days Spine Care Programme 14 Days Spine Care Programme Pain Management

Maatruthvam - Post natal

Arthritis – 14 Days (Or More Days according to disease condition) Migraine – 10 Days


Basic Concepts of Ayurveda (5 days) Ayurveda Therapy Course (20 Days) Dravya Guna – Important Herbal plants and its details

Advanced Courses

Panchakarma 15 Days Gynecological Care – Workshop 5 Days Pre and Post Natal Care 5 Days Baala Sushroosha – Child Care and Home Remedies 5 days Marma TherapyI - Basics of Marma Therapy Techniques 7 Days Marma TherapyII - Advanced Marma Therapy Techniques 7 Days

Ayurvedic Wellness Healer 50 Days

Our Team of Doctors

Dr Amritha M R, BAMS, MS(Ay), Msc(Yoga)

Women’s Health and Gynaecology

Dr Vaisakh M R, BAMS, MS(Ay)

Orthopedic & Ano-rectal Specialist

Dr Yadun M R, BAMS, FSR, PGDYT(Yoga)

Marma Specialist & Sports Rehabilitation

Dr Shameen S, BAMS

General Medicine specialist